Become an associate

Become an associate

Equality in Tourism International is a registered charity as well as a non-profit women’s network and consultancy, dedicated to ensuring that women have an equal voice in and share of the benefits from tourism worldwide. No other international organisation works to achieve such equality in tourism, either at the grassroots or at a policy level.

rsz_cawn_advocacy_tutorialOur founding directors are based in the UK and we invite associates from around the world to join us. We would like to partner with like-minded people to help establish a network and are calling for women experienced in tourism, gender justice, development and human rights to work with us to achieve our goals. We also extend this invitation to like-minded men who feel honoured to be part of a women’s network and who actively create change for women.

We have become directors of Equality in Tourism because we recognise that the development of sustainable tourism has stalled. We believe this is because women continue to be marginalised in decision-making processes. Women have a right, recognised by the Millennium Development Goals, to be central to any project and to have their perspective integrated into planning and implementation processes. Thus far, this is not happening in tourism.

Our development of an international network of specialists will be central to our work, which will cover training, assessments, monitoring and evaluation, creating partnerships, knowledge exchange, auditing, policy and strategic development. Together, we can offer a high-quality service in consensus building and participatory inclusion, gender and development, conflict resolution, training, communications, planning, supply chain and advocacy from grassroots through to think-tank and policy level.

Associate members will be invited both to participate in funded projects that originate with the directors and to seek opportunities for participation in their own countries and regions. We will seek as wide a global coverage as possible.

If you are interested in becoming an associate member, please email