Angela Kalisch (Chair)

Angela Kalisch (Chair)

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Angela’s career includes teaching and lecturing in secondary and higher education, economic development for equal opportunities strategy in local authority, and twenty five years in tourism. She set up an adventure travel operation, developed international tourism policy for fair trade in tourism and corporate social responsibility, and eventually spent thirteen years in academia, lecturing on sustainable tourism.

Gender politics have been an integral part of her personal and professional life. Before setting up her own adventure travel operations to the Himalayas, she was chair for Women in Youth Training (YTS) and a representative on the Greater London Council (GLC), then Women and Training Strategy Officer for Sheffield City Council in the 1980s and 90s, responsible for encouraging women into non-traditional areas of employment and training. In that capacity, she set up a Women’s Construction Training Workshop within Further Education, amongst other projects. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, before joining academia, she led an international multi-stakeholder consultation process and research on Fair Trade in Tourism, with a London-based campaign organisation for sustainable tourism, Tourism Concern.

Her publications, teaching, consultancy and research reflect experience in Germany, Africa, India, Nepal and Thailand and focus on sustainable, fair trade tourism, corporate ethics, tourism impacts and development, cultural diversity, globalisation and international trade.

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