Exposing Gender-Based Violence: A Necessary Wake Up Call

Exposing Gender-Based Violence: A Necessary Wake Up Call

For years we have known that gender based violence was, regrettably, commonplace within the hospitality and tourism industries.  Some of us might have called it by a more casual name, but how women experience it is as violence.  Ignored by too many who side with the customer or the manager and with too many employees too scared to report it, a blind eye can no longer by turned. 

CABI has published Tourism and Gender-Based Violence: Challenging Inequalities, which exposes the every day, casual infringement of women’s physical and emotional rights.  This is a book of serious importance. Its editors and contributors identify the cause and complexity of abuse that takes place in a wide variety of environments.

It was good to join the launch and hear the powerful introduction by Stroma Cole, my co-director, who coherently, contextualised the context within which such abuse can flourish.  We’ve all got a lot to learn and a great deal to change.  Tricia Barnett

Find ‘Tourism and Gender-Based Violence: Challenging Inequalities’ here

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