New Article: Tourism, Water and Gender

New Article: Tourism, Water and Gender

A fantastic new article by our Director Stroma Cole has been just been published and is currently available online. It’s a true international joint effort, with input from Stroma’s Indonesian PhD student, Yesaya Sandang, and international literature reviews conducted by Ernest Cañada Mullor from Albasud (Spanish) and Ma Yue (Chinese).

The article presents an international review of literature about tourism and water based on literature published in English, Chinese and Spanish. In total 182 items are included in the review comprising peer‐reviewed papers, book (chapters), postgraduate theses, and NGO reports. The international literature review was also interdisciplinary, reflecting the different approaches across the three languages.

The purpose of the review is to show that while there is increasing interest in the tourism‐water nexus, and for good reason given it is such a water intensive industry, the literature has been from limited perspectives and almost never from a gendered angle. The majority of the studies have been about tourism/tourists needs and how to protect them at the expense of studies from the community’s perspective, and have been very limited in their geographical foci.

You can currently access the article for free on the Wiley Online Library – simply click here (as of 5 May 2020).

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