Inside Look: more from ‘Gender Equality and Tourism’

Inside Look: more from ‘Gender Equality and Tourism’

Gender Equality and Tourism book coverThe oft-repeated rhetoric by the UNWTO and other multinational organisations is that tourism empowers women. But is this claim actually true?

Edited by our director Stroma Cole, the newly released book “Gender Equality and Tourism – Beyond Empowerment” brings together the perspectives of diverse stakeholders, from INGOs, national governments, and managers as well as employees in a variety of tourism fields.

The powerful stories of women working in tourism further illustrate how, despite prejudice and stereotypes, they break free, resist and renegotiate gender norms at the personal and societal levels. Guided by their accounts, readers gain an understanding of how, and under which circumstances, tourism can increase women’s autonomy, agency, and authority.

What do the stories of a felt-maker in Greece, a social entrepreneur in Austria, a hotel manager in Tanzania, restaurateurs and potters in Mexico, a mountaineer in Ladakh, guides in Thailand, Cape Verde, Ecuador and Morocco, and a diver in Indonesia have in common? Their stories, combined with critical feminist scholarship from across the globe, examine the position of women in tourism today. They help us understand the opportunities for and challenges faced by women who want to work in tourism.

Over the coming weeks we will be sharing teaser excerpts and individual behind the scenes stories from this book – so keep your eyes open for more!

And if you dont’ want to wait, you can buy your copy today at the online CABI bookstore.

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