Our vision

Our vision

Our vision: Gender equality in the global tourism industry

Our purpose

To drive change in the development and practice of global tourism by empowering women through the involvement of local communities and by engaging stakeholders at every level.

Our beliefs

Tourism can create positive change in communities if all members enjoy equal access to the industry and its benefits. The way that the tourism industry operates magnifies the disadvantages and constraints that women face in their lives. Furthermore, gender inequality significantly undermines the potential of the industry. We believe that our work helps ensure women enjoy an equal share in the global tourism industry.

Our mission

  • Be a leader in thought, research and practice for women’s equality in the tourism sector worldwide
  • Lobby the public, private and third sectors to recognise their obligations to gender equality, and support them in meeting their objectives.
  • Engender accountability within tourism stakeholders for greater commitment to gender equality principles as laid out in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals
  • Stimulate policy changes to improve the lives and livelihoods of women and their communities
  • Identify and promote best practices in gender equality around the world, transferring and exchanging knowledge, skills and expertise among tourism and development stakeholders.
  • Identify and nourish links between civil society organisations involved in tourism, gender equality and human rights.

Our approach

Having a common purpose in working towards gender equality and women’s empowerment in tourism is at the core of our work. Our strength as an organisation lies in the diverse set of experiences and skills which our directors and associates bring to our projects. We address the issue of gender equality in the tourism industry through the following services and activities:

  • Establishing and developing a global network of individuals – academics, field workers, activists and politicians – with a shared interest in gender equality and women’s empowerment and a common purpose to address them
  • Providing consultation services for organisations and institutions to ensure sustainable and gender equal tourism development initiatives
  • Training and educating stakeholders on the critical importance of women’s participation in decision-making processes and policy formulation in tourism development
  • Promoting the link between gender equality in tourism and sustainable development
  • Raising awareness of the real life challenges the tourism industry creates for women
  • Enabling women to benefit from the tourism industry both directly and indirectly


6 thoughts on “Our vision

  1. I find your mission really inspiring. I was wondering how you go about funding your activities.
    Leonard Adkins, teacher, School of Management and Tourism at the University of Applied Arts and Sciences of Western Switzerland, Sierre

  2. Hello! I am researching the subject of tourism inequality in the Kenyan coast, with the idea of developing a multimedia project which will involve tourist industry members as well as local authorities and residents, with the aim of increasing the involvement and benefits of those who currently are suffering the consequences of “development” in this area. This will be a pilot project, the structure of which will be able to be applied to areas worldwide where the tourist industry is creating a situation of wide gaps in income and access to basis services such as water, in local communities, as well as having a distilling and mocking effect on local customs and culture, even as far as influencing the self esteem of people themselves. It would be very good to speak to someone who can perhaps help or guide my current research in any way, or indeed, help find ways to fund the project itself. Looking forward to hearing from you. Yours, Nekane R. de Ozamiz

  3. I would like participate with you. Please AndarEq foundation works to improve inclusive tourism in Ecuador. Our sites:
    Facebook: andareq
    Instagram: andareqmov

    Guayaquil – Ecuador

  4. Hola Dennis! Que alegre – please contact us via our website form. We will also pass on your remark to colleagues.

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