Shaheen Akram

Shaheen Akram

Shaheen AkramA highly motivated and business-focused senior diversity professional, Shaheen Akram has led Diversity & Inclusion efforts globally, regionally and nationally across different geographies in a range of business sectors, including financial and manufacturing. Up until 2015 Shaheen was Head of GlobalDiversity and Inclusion at a global biopharmaceutical company with over 50,000 employees working in 100 countries worldwide.

Shaheen led the development and implementation of the company’s global Diversity & Inclusion strategy designed to support the business through the promotion of an inclusive culture in which the diversity of talents that a global workforce offers are fostered and valued. She also worked in the not for profit sector, supporting women surviving domestic violence.

Shaheen is passionate about influencing positive change that brings benefit for individuals, for businesses and for local communities. She has experience across the diversity spectrum including gender, ethnicity, age as well as different ways of thinking and working.

Her approach includes using areas such as talent development, recruitment, employee relations, analytics, learning development and communication to drive change.

Shaheen is fascinated by different cultures and a firm believer in experiencing them at first hand to be able to fully understand them. She continues to travel in her spare time to gain an appreciation for their reality, and uses the insights to inform her continued development of diversity strategies and action plans.

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