‘Sun, Sand and Ceilings’ – TTG Feature

‘Sun, Sand and Ceilings’ – TTG Feature

We are delighted that TTG has featured Equality in Tourism’s new, updated report in their latest issue. ‘Sun, Sand and Ceilings’ explores current disparities in gender equality on company boards in a wide range of tourism and hospitality businesses.

Our ‘Sun, Sand and Ceilings’ 2013 report found that the overall representations of women on travel and tourism company boards was just 15%. Our latest report found that the female representation at board level has increased to just 23%. Although this represents some change, it is still below the 25% target set in 2015 by the Davies Report, and considerably lower than the 33% target expected to be achieved by 2020. This not only shows us how travel and tourism is still a male-led industry, but an industry struggling to embark on the change expected of it.

As female employees are largely concentrated in lower-skilled, less well-paid roles, it is critical to have female representations at board-level in order to provide others with strong female mentors and role models, as well as give realistic prospects of promotion and opportunities.

The feature quotes our chair and one of the reports’ authors, Dr Angela Kalisch, who expresses the importance of women at boardroom level as not only a fundamental part of progression in terms of responsible and sustainable tourism, but that “you need diversity in management structures to drive change”.

Please do read the full TTG feature by clicking here (featured on the front cover and p. 16-17) or here.

If you’re interested in reading the full ‘Sun, Sand and Ceilings (2018)’ report, please email us for a copy.

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