Download the first chapter: Gender Equality in Tourism – Beyond Empowerment

Download the first chapter: Gender Equality in Tourism – Beyond Empowerment

We are happy to share that you can download the first chapter of our director, Stroma Cole’s new edited book “Equality in Tourism – Beyond Empowerment“. This book is unique in that it interweaves stories of individual women working around the world in many aspects of tourism. A primary aim of the book was to hear and (re)present women’s voices that still so often go unheard.

The book includes numerous academic chapters charting women’s stories and tourism around the Gender Equality and Tourism book coverWorld. Yet, interestingly there are themes that emerge from each of these contexts, such as the importance of intersectional analyses that view not only multiple axes of oppression/privilege, but the intersections between these. This is where race, class, and gender  (among other characteristics) meet to create unique situations that can challenge possibilities for empowerment especially in the economic sense of the word.

The book highlights how conventional analyses of empowerment in tourism often overly rely on economic empowerment when what is at play is much wider and arguably more meaningful. Economic empowerment is important, but alone it will not challenge the patriarchal structures within which we live. Excitedly the book introduces stories of women helping women, which gives the reader hope for a brighter, more equal tomorrow.

If you would like to purchase the whole book, you can do so here!

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